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Please send an email to inform us of your arrival time as soon as you know (
Please note that we are not a hotel and do not have a welcome reception.
We have four apartments and welcome each guest personally and individually.
Please inform us in case of delay.
Upon arrival you will see a sign at the door where you have to ring.

Nearby public transport stops are:
– Subway U2 & U3 stop “Volkstheater”
– Tram 1 & 2 & 71 & D stop “Dr. Karl Renner Ring”
Online public transport

You can find the network plan of the public transport (metro and city trains) of Vienna here.

You can pay cash in Euro, Paypal, creditcard (Mastercar, VISA, American Express) or with a bank transfer.

Our check-in time is between 3pm and 22pm. Depending on availability and as agreed, an earlier check-in may be possible. Please let us know your arrival time, so we can welcome you personally. If your check in is later we also provide a key box. In this case please let us know and we email you all the necessary information how to use the key box.

Our check-out time is 11am. Please leave the keys in the apartment on the table and close the door behind you. We provide a compartment store provided with a toilet and a shower in case you want to storage your luggage. Please ask for the key if needed and note that we cannot accept any liability for left luggage.

Each apartment has one climate control unit and a fan.

We provide toilet paper and soap in the bathroom.

We provide towels as many as you need for free.

We provide a baby crib as well as a baby chair for free. Please ask for it if needed.

Our rooms are equipped with double beds – they are 180cm wide. The sofa bed is 140 cm wide. If you need extra pillows or extra blanket please tell us. They are free of charge.

We have wooden coat hangers for you.

We do not offer breakfast but we suggest Cafés for your breakfast. For address and details see our separate folder “Restaurants / Bars / Cafés” which is available in the room. The kitchen of your apartment is equipped with a French press, Nespresso machine, tea maker and many other useful things.

There are no additional cleaning fees. Please contact us for fresh towels or bed sheets if needed. They are free of charge.

You will find a kitchen with refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher as well as a huge range of kitchen utensils.

Each apartment has a washing machine.

A fire extinguisher is located in the hallway next to the entrance.

A fridge is available.

A hair dryer is located in each bathroom. For your own safety, please take care not to get in contact with water when using the hair dryer.

All our rooms are equipped with free wireless network access.
Access data (login details) are printed in the guest information.

An iron and ironing board are located in the wardrobe of each room. Please use the iron with special care and don’t forget to remove the mains plug from the wall socket. We ask for your understanding that we cannot accept any liability for the use of the iron.

There is a washing machine in each apartment. We also provide washing powder. Unfortunately, we cannot take care of your more delicate garments and ask for your understanding that we cannot accept any liability for your textiles.

All rooms have TV connection and a DVD-Player as well as a variety on DVD’s in different languages.

Two umbrellas are in each apartment. Please return them after use.

TAXI (ca. 25 min)
The fastest way from the airport is by Taxi. We suggest booking a AIRPORT DRIVER online in advance (aprox33 Euro). In case you take a Taxi in front of the airport exit it will be more expensive because they use taximeter. But there is a counter from Taxi-Company “40100” within the airport, there you can order and get immediately a Taxi for a fix price of 36 Euro. Try to get a fixed price – so you do not have any surprise, even in case of traffic jam.

The ride itself takes aprox40 minutes. The one way ticket costs 8 Euro and the ticket for both directions costs 13 Euro. Depending on the time of day the bus rides every 30 minutes. For booking please have a look on the website of VIENNA AIRPORT LINESFrom “Westbahnhof” you have to take the subway-line U3 to “Volkstheater (3 stops)Each subway station has several exits. Take the exit “Burggasse”. From there it’s just a 300m walk to Gardegasse 3. The ticket for the subway costs you 2,40 Euro / per person for one direction. Please calculate if it is not cheaper and more comfortable taking a Taxi.

The CITY AIRPORT TRAIN (CAT) goes directly from the airport to subway station “Wien Mitte – Landstrasse“. It’s 20 minutes travel time and runs every 30 minutes. At “Wien Mitte – Landstrasse you take the subway line U3. After 4 stops you get out at subway station “Volkstheater“. Each subway station has several exits. Take the exit “Burggasse”. Then it is a 300m walk to Gardegasse 3. Single ticket costs 11 Euro for the cityairporttrain plus 2.40 for the subwayticket. 

*Good to know for your flight back home:
For many flights you can already check-in at City Airport Train Wien Mitte. Look for “City Check-In”. Check-in your luggage at the CAT Terminal “Wien Mitte – Landstrasse” and continue your travel with hand luggage only.

HAUPTBAHNHOF (ca. 25 min)
If you arrive at train station “Hauptbahnhof” it is recommendable to take the subway line U1 (direction “Leopoldau”) to “Stephansplatz”. There you change to subway line U3 (direction “Ottakring”), alight at 2nd stop “Volkstheater”. Each subway station has several exits. Take the exit “Burggasse”. Then it is a 300m walk to Gardegasse 3.

WESTBAHNHOF (ca. 15 min)
If you arrive at train station “Westbahnhof” you can easily reach us by taking the subway line U3 (direction “Simmering”), alight at 3rd stop “Volkstheater”. Each subway station has several exits. Take the exit “Burggasse”. Then it is a 300m walk to Gardegasse 3.

WIEN MEIDLING (ca. 35 min)
If you arrive at train station “Wien Meidling” it is recommendable to take the subway line U6 (direction “Floridsdorf”) until the stop “Westbahnhof”. There you change to the subway line U3 (direction “Simmering”), alight at 3rd stop “Volkstheater”. Each subway station has several exits. Take the exit “Burggasse”. Then it is a 300m walk to Gardegasse 3.

The ticket for the subway is Euro 2,40 Euros and can be purchased at the ticket machines in the metro station. You can find more information on the website of  WIENER LINIEN.

We suggest you come with your car to the apartment first.  While we bring your luggage to your rooms you can park your car in the parking house.

Parking costs only 7€ / 24h. The closest parking house would be the GARAGE AM MUSEUMSQUARTIERIt is a 4 minutes walk from the garage to our apartments

Parking fee is 2.20€ per hour. Max. 2h. It is obligatory to pay for a parking voucher from Monday to Friday from 9.00am till 10.00pm. You must fill in a prepaid parking voucher called PARKSCHEIN. Parking attendants are very strict in this area, be carefull where you park! FURTHER INFORMATION

In some districts parking is for free, you can park in these areas for free all of the time. These areas are changing. To get the last information, please click on this LINK.

Just take the subway line U3 (direction “Ottakring”) alight at the 8th stop “Volkstheater”. Each subway station has several exits. Take the exit “Burggasse”. Then it is a 300m walk to Gardegasse 3.

Just take the subway line U2 (direction “Karlsplatz”) alight at the 8th stop “Volkstheater”. Each subway station has several exits. Take the exit “Burggasse”. Then it is a 300m walk to Gardegasse 3.

For more information on public transport in Vienna, visit the website of WIENER LINIEN.

City maps in English, a range of flyers and brochures are available free of charge on the desk in your apartment. We also offer several guide books, which we ask you to treat with care and return to the desk after use. Click here for a very good website in all different languages.

In addition we made a special folder with a lot of insider tips and sightseeing information for our guests which is available in your apartment. A map of the Viennese metro lines can be found online or download it here.

Luggage / storage: We provide a left luggage store for free which includes a toilet and shower. This can be locked and is under video surveillance. So you can enjoy the last day without worrying about your luggage. Please note that we cannot accept any liability for left luggage.

Each apartment has one climate control unit and a fan.

If you need a Taxi please watch out that you choose an official Taxi. The have a yellow “Taxi” sign on top of the roof and a taximeter inside. The driver has to turn on the taximeter. A ride from the train station to the apartment costs depending on the time between 12-16 Euro. For the transfer to the airport most of the Taxi companys have a fixed price of between 32 and 38 Euro. Usually a ride within the center costs between 8 and 12 Euro. UBER costs half of the price of a Taxi and you know the price already in advance.

The biggest Taxi company in Vienna is called “40100” and the telephone number is: +43 1 40100

Yes, you can drink water from the taps. Vienna finds itself in the unique situation of having it’s drinking water coming directly from mountain springs.
The tap water is even better quality then the mineral water, which you buy in bottles.

The entrance area and the staircase are monitored and recorded on video. All rooms are equipped with smoke detectors. A fire extinguisher is located next to the entrance.

Please take note that the building is from 1897 and has NO elevator.
The apartments are located on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor. We help with the luggage on arrival. We live in the same building and are always around if help is needed.

All our rooms are non-smoking rooms. Please smoke outside of the building.


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